Artisan Meal Boxes Delivered to You

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We got thinking several years ago about a food delivery concept that was on demand, convenient and unique. So here we are.

We wanted to give you a meal solution different from the rest, something delightful, easy and exciting. Our aim is to take your breath away when you open the Marvel Now artisan box as if the most special gift had arrived on your door step.

So we are the new kid on the block in food delivery and the vision is realised we can't wait to share our product with you. The concept a simple one. We have curated a range of artisan food boxes, these dishes are restaurant quality and nearly finished. No prep involved just the cooking, reheating and assembly you add your special magic at the end.

Best Produce New Zealand Offers

Keeping it local, keeping it fresh we are blessed to live in a country full of amazing food producers so we seek only the best. We love to play in the kitchen so we will be constantly curating and ever changing our dishes for you to enjoy.

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